In a remote village in Post-World War II Italy, Liliana is the best baker in town and life is looking up until the love her life, Raffaele, leaves seeking economic opportunity elsewhere. She promises to wait for him, but after years of waiting and not hearing from him, Liliana marries Domenico, a strong and accomplished soldier.

Mere months after they marry, Domenico leaves Liliana in Gildone their small village for better opportunities in Venezuela. He promises to return soon, but quickly after he leaves, Liliana learns she is pregnant.

Liliana must confront the challenge of navigating her husband’s absence, the gossip, and raising a baby with the help of her mother and sister who hide a life-altering secret from Liliana.

With All My Love, I Wait, follows three generations of women as their lives are forged, nurtured, and shattered.


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