This Novel is Happening chronicles the story behind the writing of my first novel, the process of submitting it, getting rejected, and it finally being accepted for publication. After almost a decade of thinking it will never happen, it’s happening. It’s real. I’m scared and have no clue what I’m doing. What happens next? I’m not sure.

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  • Episode 10 | Jenny Hubbard Interview

    On this week’s episode Gloria interviews the lovely Jenny Hubbard, author of Paper Covers Rock and And We Stay. We learn about Jenny’s process, how she went about getting her novel published, what it’s like to have an agent, and the process and what expectations you might have when working with an editor. She also talks about getting back to the classroom and how it’s changed her writing.

    From this episode
    And We Stay – Jenny Hubbard
    Paper Covers Rock – Jenny Hubbard

  • Episode 9 | To MFA or not to MFA

    On this week’s episode Gloria discusses the M.F.A. in creative writing. She breaks down her expectations when she started and what she wishes she knew when she was applying. She talks about the different types of programs, what to expect if you decide to pursue and M.F.A., and some of the pitfalls of this degree. She also talks about the academic job market and who might benefit from earning an M.F.A. in creative writing.

    From this episode
    AWP https://www.awpwriter.org/
    MLA (where to find job listings for professor jobs) https://www.mla.org/
    Poets and Writers MFA program database https://www.pw.org/mfa

  • Episode 8 | What to do while you wait

    This week Gloria gives a brief update on where she is with the manuscript. She also discusses what she is doing while she waits for edits from her editor at Unsolicited Press. She talks about establishing a writing routine, morning writing sessions, and squeezing writing into the pockets of her day. She discusses her process for submitting her work and gives some examples of resources. She also discusses the academic job market and keeping busy while she waits to hear back about revision.

  • Episode 7 | Revisions, Round 1

    This week Gloria talks about her process of revising the novel manuscript. She talks about returning to the universe she made almost ten years ago and the surprising emotional journey of the revision process. She discusses the fear and vulnerability that comes with revising the manuscript and how she realized that she might need to revisit some of her older, completed pieces. She also talks about AWP, the fear and enthusiasm for the editing process, and her excitement for what is to come.

  • Episode 6 | Leland Cheuk Interview

    This week Gloria interviews Leland Cheuk, editor at 7.13 Books. 7.13 Books is one of the presses Gloria submitted her novel to, but she received a rejection. The conversation helps Gloria learn more about the process and why her novel didn’t quite make the cut with this press that publishes debut book. In the interview, Cheuk discusses his experience as a writer and how it has informed his work as an editor. They discuss the world of publishing and what the process looks like from the side that writers want to know most about–how a book gets published.

  • Episode 5 | The Waiting Game

    This week Gloria talks about what to expect after you’ve submitted your novel and her process for staying somewhat sane as she waits for responses. She also discusses the pity-party problem and how the universe sometimes throws you a bone.

  • Episode 4 | How and where to submit a novel

    This week Gloria gets down to the nitty gritty of submitting her manuscript and gives advice to fellow writers on how to go about sending a manuscript out for publication. She also talks about managing expectations and how important being disciplined and consistent is to the process.

  • Episode 3 | The novel sat for a decade. Why?

    This week Gloria explores why she waited nearly a decade to submit her completed manuscript. She explores the challenges of revising a decade-old novel. What’s it like to revisit an old relic? She talks about how she’s changed as a writer and how this has affected her revision. In addition, she explores the relevance of her novel in today’s world where women have a stronger voice in the wake of the #metoo and #timesup movements.

  • Episode 2 | How to write a novel

    This week Gloria elaborates on the writing and research process for writing her forthcoming novel. Since the novel is set in Post-World II Italy, she discusses learning about the history, culture, and food of the town where the novel takes place. Gloria professes her outline obsession and how she handwrote her novel. She discusses her interests in the way women interact with each other.

  • Episode 1 | Who is Gloria Panzera?

    In this first episode, Gloria answers a big question. Why should you join her on this journey? She begins by discussing why she started This Novel is Happening, how she became a writer, her academic background which eventually led to her writing a novel. She talks about the impetus for her forthcoming novel and how it was the project that earned her a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in creative writing from Florida Atlantic University. She discusses how food is the centerpiece of her Italian upbringing and how it serves as the framework for her novel. She gives us some insight into what the podcast is going to be about, her concerns and goals for the future.