Episode 3 | The novel sat for a decade. Why?

This week Gloria explores why she waited nearly a decade to submit her completed manuscript. She explores the challenges of revising a decade-old novel. What’s it like to revisit an old relic? She talks about how she’s changed as a writer and how this has affected her revision. In addition, she explores the relevance of her novel in today’s world where women have a stronger voice in the wake of

Episode 2 | How to write a novel

This week Gloria elaborates on the writing and research process for writing her forthcoming novel. Since the novel is set in Post-World II Italy, she discusses learning about the history, culture, and food of the town where the novel takes place. Gloria professes her outline obsession and how she handwrote her novel. She discusses her interests in the way women interact with each other.

Episode 1 | Who is Gloria Panzera?

In this first episode, Gloria answers a big question. Why should you join her on this journey? She begins by discussing why she started This Novel is Happening, how she became a writer, her academic background which eventually led to her writing a novel. She talks about the impetus for her forthcoming novel and how it was the project that earned her a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in creative